Motorized Retractable Screens

Product Overview

Only there when needed, motorized screens retract out of sight at the touch of a button. Suitable for all large openings, motorized Phantom Screens blend with any architectural style.


Custom Installed Screens

Designed to prevent insects from entering your indoor and outdoor living spaces, provide shade from the direct glare of sunlight, create climate controlled spaces, and enhance your privacy. These motorized screen solutions appear at the touch of a button — and retract out of sight when not needed. Depending on the selected mesh type, motorized screens help reduce your air conditioning costs, lowering the amount of energy used to cool the house in summer.


We have screens for every style of home and budget. Give us a call at 1-888-PHANTOM or complete the form below to contact us for a FREE estimate.

We ensure your complete satisfaction by customizing our screens to each home. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty provides you additional peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

Motorized Retractable Screens by Phantom provide insect protection and solar shading without blocking your views. These are the features and benefits of these versatile screen solutions.

  • Various mounting options
  • Various mesh options
  • Weighted slidebar
  • Optional sun & wind sensors
  • Maintains decor and view
  • Wide range of colors
  • Fits a wide variety of openings
  • Comes with warranty

Features & Benefits

Motorized retractable screens by Phantom provide insect protection, climate control and solar shading without blocking your views. Please click on the image to learn more about the features and benefits of these versatile screen solutions.


Motorized screens fit single openings as large as 40 feet wide and 16 feet tall; the ideal screen solution for commercial and residential renovation and construction projects.

Please refer to the chart below for maximum and minimum size dimensions.

  Width Height
Single Unit
26" to 480" Up to 192"


– Size limitations exist based on width and height ratio. Your Phantom Screens Representative will confirm based on dimensions.

– For clear vinyl sizing, contact your Phantom Screens Representative.


Types of Applications

Covered Balconies, Porches, Lanais and Verandas

Covered Balconies, Porches, Lanais and Verandas

Motorized screens allow you to enjoy the outdoors on a balcony or veranda without having to worry about insects or the glare of the sun. There when you need them and out-of-sight when you don’t, motorized screens enhance beautiful views and extend the time spent outdoors.

Picture Windows and Roman Archways

Picture Windows

Gain more functionality from your picture windows without compromising your view. Motorized screens by Phantom® are available for a variety of hard to reach locations, and can match various architectural styles.

Curtain Walls and Lift & Slide Door Systems

Curtain Walls and Lift & Slide Door Systems

Perfect for folding walls and lift & slide door systems, motorized screens allow you to open your home to the outdoors. The screens can be recessed into building cavities to remain out of sight until needed, creating a seamless indoor/outdoor living space.

Climate Controlled Rooms

Clear vinyl walls create the perfect transitional living space to entertain your guests throughout the year. Studies have shown that it reduces heat loss in the cold months, while in the warm months it helps to keep your living space cool. 

Colors, Mesh, Grains

Introducing the newest addition to our family of motorized screens...

Phantom’s self-tensioning cable system.

No post? No problem!

If you have a structure with open corners, glass wall or a large opening with decorative columns, the new cable guide system is the ideal solution to provide exterior solar shade with no track system needed!

Find out more

Color, Control & Mesh Options

Phantom's family of screens come in a variety of designer colors including wood grain finishes.

You can also choose from mesh types that provide insect protection, natural ventilation, increased privacy, improved daylight and solar heat control.

Color Options  Control Options Mesh Options

Colors, Mesh, Grains

Technical Drawings

Our Large Opening screens can be designed to fit a variety of openings, making them a seamless add-on to your home. We can work with you to create screen solutions that are tailored to meet your specific requirements..

Detailed Drawings are available in PDF and AutoCADĀ® formats.